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    The establishment of Solid Waste Resource Recycling Innovation Center of Shandong Province, is planned by the Ministry of Industry to the overall deployment of 2025 Manufacturing Innovation Center, as requested in accordance with the " Action program on Manufacturing in China of 2025 in Shandong Province ", approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , Finance Department of Shandong Province, Shandong Zhongsen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd., led to establish the only innovation center in the field of resources recycling in Shandong province. Aiming to realize industrial ecology in solid waste resources recycling, and to construct the "City without Waste" urban ecological circulation chain, following the development plan of national strategic industry and regional pillar industry, orienting on present situation, problem and demand of solid waste comprehensive utilization , taking resources from enterprise alliance as the foundation, technological products for solid waste comprehensive utilization as the carrier, the innovation center is cooperating with the government, enterprises, universities and research institutions with diversification and multi-mode. With the independent research and technology innovation, they work together to break through the bottlenecks in technology innovation and industrial technical development in solid waste recycling use, link "science" and "technology" to "product". In the field of solid waste recycling, we aim to build a comprehensive innovation platform integrating research and key technologies, standard system construction, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, talent cultivation and international exchange with upstream and downstream cement enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad.

    The innovation center is set up in the form of "platform company + alliance". The platform company relied on is Shandong Zhongsen Solid Waste Resources Recycling Research Institute Co., Ltd. The alliance relied on is "China Solid Waste Resource Recycling Industry Technology Innovation Alliance ". At present, it has more than 100 strategic alliance units, including enterprises, scientific research institutes, industry associations, and more than 100 experts, in solid waste resource recycling technology covering the field of equipments, application, capital, consulting services and others in the upstream and downstream industrial chain. The combined power of industrial chain enterprises of the alliance will help to facilitate the implementation of major projects, give full play to the guidance and support of industrial technology and application for innovation-driven development, enhance innovation ability in key links and key areas, realize the transformation of “Made in China” into “Created in


    Shandong Zhongsen Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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